Tristen Bakker

I am Tristen Bakker, a musician, documentarian, and editor. Berlin has been my home base since 2010; I am originally from Toronto, Canada. Since the nineties I have worked on many solo and collaborative projects. I am particularly interested in work that relates to music, film, art, and the alternative, the curious and the weird. I make noise / soft noise / prog / not prog / ambient / punk music in Berlin. I also document bands and write reviews of films, books, and shows. I have a decade-long ongoing photo project. I do screenings in Berlin, mostly of trash films and musicals. And I edit the written word for gainful employment. I am a founding member of the Soft Noise Collective, formed in 2017 as a bunch of nerdy noise freaks and dancers came together for the love of touring. I am also a founding member of the collective Ida Ink, a collective of female editors and translators.


2019 Interdisciplinary

I’ve been a filmmaker and editor since coming out of university in the mid 90s. I have worked in TV, editing lifestyle shows and documentary. I have worked in film, making documentary and fiction film. Here you’ll find some films I’ve made or edited over the years. For a complete filmography, contact me.

Currently active projects

I’ve been writing songs for most of my life and been in bands since the late 90s. I sing, play electric bass and guitar, work with self-recorded samples and sounds, and make improv noise and experimental music. Here are my current projects.

  • VROUW! · all-female collaborative improvisation ensemble
  • Tavare · slowcore snootherings
  • Switt · emergent layered tones
  • Aidan Baker · experimental ambient soundscapes
  • Otolitos · improv, soft-noise band
  • Cousin Jane · songs of heartbreak and salvation
  • Soft Noise · Supervisores Benévolos
Music [archival]
Some bands from the past
  • Paro · prog-kraut rock for coolsters
  • Señor Kasio · comedy-punk rock, ooh yeah
  • ADHD · all-female, heavy-rock
  • The Mummers · four-piece indie-rock band, when being indie meant something
Documenting bands and musicians in Berlin

I spent a good deal of time when I moved to Berlin documenting bands and performances. I also did some interviews and reviews of shows. A lot of this is compiled on my YouTube channel.


I have had an ongoing project since 2010 called Street Life, documenting furniture found on the street. This has been exhibited a few times over the years in various forms

Snapshot portraits of furniture on the streets of Berlin and Toronto. Used. Broken. Regal. Discarded. Co-opted. Re-found.

The pieces were never touched and the people never interfered with. Any pictures with people in them were not posed.

Reviews, etc.

I’ve written reviews of shows, books, and films. Here are links to selected film reviews.

Photos: Tristen Bakker, Andrew Bridge, Kata Kovacs, Frank Nagel, Ulrika Walmark. © Tristen Bakker 2024